Company Profile

Our strong reliability derived from the past achievement.
We are not large in size, but are specialized in manufacturing wide range of builders' hardware. We are not big in capacity, but are always developing something glittering and shining in the hardware market. We are not old in history, but are young and energetic to work as professional team.
We are always trying to catch the trend of the markets as well as the trend of the products, and are trying to develop such products in the top quality yet at reasonably competitive prices, so that they can be accepted not only in the home markets but also in the international markets. Even we are trying to create the trend of market and products by ourselves.
Such important information is collected through our own worldwide sales networks, and is studied by our experienced R&D team with their advanced ideas. Our top quality products are already very well used in many parts of the international markets, although our international business is still not so long.
The international procurement of the hardware products in recent years has drastically shifted to such Asian industrial nations as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam......etc. In spite of this strong trend, we are still trying very hard, based on Japanese idea, to develop a lot of new advanced products in the best possible quality at competitive prices.
"Why chosen? Because of endless pursue of the quality, services & reliablility." Based on this our company motto, we keep challenging to create more and more products to achieve another dream to be the real leader of the international hardware business someday.We have nice, powerful and experienced R&D team, and will be happy to accept in flexible way to produce the highest quality products following to your design and specification, if any, and we love to work for such parties who well understand the 'quality and service'. Let us serve you and develop new business together

In addition to own Chinese plant , with a number of qualified subcontract factories , we develop a lot of new products to meet the market requirements. We now supply wide range of quality products in stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, steel, aluminium, etc. in different method of manufacturing. We are proud of our flexibility to comply with customers requirements in really top quality level.. Many products are certified by conducting the European testing such as EN, CEK. We are therefore trying to be a bit different from others, and hope we can be of any assistance to your sourcing of HARDWARE products from the Far East.


4,000 square meters
(43055 square feet)
Located in:
China (Mainland)
Built in 1997




1/F, Kai Kwong Commercial Bldg,332-334 Lockhart Road Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel : (852) 2511 7008 Fax : (852) 2891 7187